The cost per night for the house is €320. We rent for a minimum of 2 nights. At Christmas and The New Year, minimum 3 nights stay. Included in the daily rent is €4 of electricity. Usage of more than €4 per day is charged at 23 cents per unit. Charge is made for oil which heats the water and in Winter heats the house. There are also solar panels which provide some hot water in the warmer months. Wood for the stove is €10 per load as required. We require that people use this properly seasoned wood for the stove. In the Summer months for a 2 night stay, very few extras come in at the end of people’s stays. In the colder months, depending on how hot people want the house to be, extra oil charges can come in at between €20 to €35 per day and electricity between €5 and €15 per day, again depending on how hot the house is kept.

To secure a booking please use the booking form below. We take 50% at the time of booking and the remaining 50% two weeks before arrival. Cancellation policy: Full refund if booking is cancelled 2 weeks before arrival. No refund after 14 days before arrival date. We will provide our bank details on request for booking. Arrival time: any time after 4 pm and departure up to 12 noon. Depending on the rental situation, these times can be negotiated.